The silver Pro-Fi Series Phonitor x Headphone Amplifier and Preamplifier from SPL offers connections for headphones operated both balanced and unbalanced. It has an advanced built-in dual power amp that drives headphones balanced which is twice the power of the standard 1/4″ jack. This tightens the bass response and makes the overall playback even more relaxed and transparent. The front houses a 4-pol XLR connector to connect the balanced headphone. Both the standard and the 4-pol headphone outputs can be used simultaneously.

Phonitor x is not just a headphone amplifier but also a full-fledged stereo preamplifier. There is provision for connecting up to five stereo sources – two in the analog domain offering XLR connectors for a balanced source and RCA connectors for an unbalanced source.

When Phonitor x operates as a preamplifier together with the Performer as power amplifier both units can be wire-linked for simultaneous power on/off. Therefore, both units AMP CTL sockets need to be connected with a 3.5mm mono-jack cable. When switching to headphone, listening the performer can automatically be powered down. To engage this feature set DIP switch #6 on the bottom of the Phonitor x to ON. The Phonitor Matrix delivers the most realistic playback on headphones.

The VOLTAiR 120V Rail Technology is developed and manufactured to run on an operating voltage of 120V, which corresponds to twice that of discrete operational amplifiers and four-times that of semiconductor operational amplifiers.

It reproduces finest details and delivers a totally relaxed sounding audio experience. The music sounds natural and hearing fatigue is reduced.

  • 120V rail headphone amplifier and preamplifier
  • Separate connections and power amplifiers for headphone driven balanced and unbalanced
  • Suited for all headphones with impedance >10 Ohms
  • Balanced and unbalanced analog inputs (XLR and RCA)
  • Balanced and unbalanced analog outputs (XLR and RCA)
  • With Phonitor matrix speaker-equivalent listening on headphones
  • Balance control
  • Mono switch function
  • Volume remotely adjustable (sold separately)
  • AMP CTR connection with Performer power amplifier for coupled On/Off switching
  • Standby/power on switch
  • Linear power supply with toroidal transformer