The Headphone Annex at In Living Stereo is New York’s top spot for Headphones and Headphone related products. Our  beautifully appointed showroom and expert sales team makes headphone shopping a pure pleasure.

We cater to both the headphone enthusiast and the person who’s just getting started.  We have a wide variety of Headphones, Headphone amplifiers, D/A Converters, Portables and Accessories. From entry level ear buds to multi thousand dollar reference systems, we have it all. Come in for an audition, you’ll find what’s right for you at the Annex!

Abyss, Audeze, Audioquest, Chord Electronics, Focal, Grado Labs, Heed, Leben Audio, Line Magnetic, Meze, Micromega, Mr. Speakers, Naim Audio, Sennheiser, Sonoma, SJM Woodworks, Sugden, Viva Audio, Woo Audio

* Receive a free SJM Woodworks Can Cub solid handmade hardwood headphone stand with the purchase of over ear headphones from the following manufacturers: Audeze, Focal, Mr Speakers, Sonoma and select Sennheiser and Grado models.

* Receive a free SJM Woodworks Can Slab solid hardwood amplifier stand with the purchase of amplifiers and d/a converters from  the following manufacturers: Chord Electronics Hugo2 and Dave Models, Leben Audio, Line Magnetic, Naim Audio, Sonoma, Sugden and Woo Audio.